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Media Appearances & Consultancy

Media Appearances from Dr. Grossman, Psychiatrist in New York, NY

With over 25 years of psychiatric experience to his name, Robert Grossman, M.D. is one of the industry’s most widely recognized professionals. He is among 10% of cited scientific researchers in his field and as a psychiatrist serving New York, NY, has appeared publicly on several different national media platforms in recent years. 

Over the years, he has offered psychiatric therapy to and served as a consultant for an impressive list of federal and state-level agencies spanning various industries. Here you can find out more about many of his television and media appearances. 

Television and Media 

CNN News Night

CBS News 

60 Minutes II

60 Minutes, Australia

WCBS Radio (National)

WABC Television, New York

WHUR Radio, Washington, DC

WVOX Radio, New Rochelle, NY

WREH Radio, Farmington, CT

Organizational Consultancy

U.S. Social Security Administration 

U.S. Native American Health Services 

The United Nations 

New York State Psychiatric Hospitals 

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As a Board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Grossman has rich, professional relationships with hundreds of experts in specialized therapy and treatment areas to whom he can refer patients if need be. Whatever your needs, you can have the utmost confidence he’ll provide you with psychiatric evaluation and personalized treatments for those seeking enhanced well-being and improved quality of life. 

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