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Holistic Evaluations and

Certified Psychiatrist in New York, NY

Robert Grossman, M.D. has more than 25 years of psychiatric experience evaluating and treating clients, teaching medical students and residents, directing clinical programs, and conducting nationally-funded scientific research.  

He is in the top 10% of cited scientific researchers in the field of psychiatry and he has appeared as an expert on CNN, 60 Minutes, and various other news and educational programs. Dr. Grossman has acted as consultant to the Social Security Administration, The United Nations, and various other national, state, and charitable organizations. 

As a certified psychiatrist in New York, NY, Dr. Grossman has close working relationships with hundreds of experts in specialized therapy and treatment areas whom he can refer clients to as indicated. 

Psychiatric Evaluation and Diagnosis

When providing holistic mental health services, my focus is to ensure an accurate diagnostic evaluation that integrates personal history, family background, genetic, and other factors into a coherent whole. Most importantly, this assessment must be communicated in clear terms that allow the patient to effectively act and address the situation. 

Usually when I get things right, the assessment strongly resonates with the client. Recommended treatments are tailored to the individual and may involve one or more modalities of therapy, medication, exercise, meditation, natural supplements, and other approaches.

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Hours of Operation
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